SSO Overview

    This document describes how to implement single sign on (SSO) between LINE WORKS (Service Provider) and the client (Identity Provider).
    Two types of SSO, OAuth 2.0 and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0, are available.

    Limited Features When Using SSO

    When using SSO, the client cannot use the following features in LINE WORKS.

    Admin (

    • Security > Security Function > Member Security > Change password
    • Security > Account Security > Password Management
    • Member > Invite member


    • Password in the user information popup on the upper navigation bar
    • Link to invite members in the message service (The invitation links sent before SSO is enabled are all canceled.)

    Handling of members by their status when SSO is enabled

    • "In use" members will be logged out of LINE WORKS after SSO is enabled.
    • "Pending" members who were added by the Admin before SSO is enabled but did not log in to LINE WORKS will become "In use."
    • Members who were invited to LINE WORKS before SSO enabled but not approved will be deleted.


    • Use the following URL to directly move to the client's login page.
    • https://LINE WORKS Auth URL/d/login/{ClientDomain}?accessUrl={Encoded value of LINE WORKS service URL}
    • Example)