LINE WORKS provides Audit API to help you programmatically use its audit features. Using HTTP requests, the LINE WORKS Audit API lets you download them as a file. The LINE WORKS Audit API uses OAuth 2.0.

    API Common Information

    API Type

    LINE WORKS supports two types of API, Service API and Server API. The Audit API is available only as the Server API. Refer to API Overview.

    Supported Environment

    LINE WORKS usually supports two types of environment, testing and live, whereas the Audit API is available only in the live environment.

    Live environment: https://audit.worksmobile.com
    Combine an HTTP method with the request URL to complete an operation. For example, here is the operation to download audit data in the live environment of Drive.

    Example) Audit download API

    GET https://audit.worksmobile.com/r/kr1jJQFeYUdDn/audit/v2/log/message/logs.csv?rangeName=domain&startDate=20201028&endDate=20201028&tenantId=7&domainId=7&serviceId=audit&apiId=downCsvLog&version=v2

    You can see the request URLs in each API description.

    Request - Common Information

    LINE WORKS Access Token and Consumer Key

    With each API call, you should include a LINE WORKS access token and a consumer key in the request header.

    For how to get your access token and consumer key, see "Server API" in Preparations for API Authentication.

    The code below describes how to set your LINE WORKS access token and consumer key in the request header.

    httpMethod.setRequestHeader("Authorization",Bearer "LINE WORKS Access Token"); httpMethod.setRequestHeader("consumerKey", "consumer key");

    Common Parameter

    Y API ID downCsvLog (fixed value for each API)
    Y Service ID audit (fixed value for Audit)
    N Version v1/v2 (different for each API)