LINE WORKS Developers

    LINE WORKS Developers helps you have access to APIs provided by the LINE WORKS Bot Platform which can access and control LINE WORKS data, and technical documents regarding them. Using the LINE WORKS Bot Platform APIs, you can connect your own system with the LINE WORKS Bot Platform to use them together.
    You can configure settings required to use the LINE WORKS Bot Platform APIs in Developer Console, which also provides Community where you can ask questions about using the APIs and share your know-how with other developers as well as Notice that allows you to check out updates on the APIs.

    Developer Console

    LINE WORKS Developer Console allows you to configure basic settings required to use the APIs, as listed below:

    • API authentication environment configuration
      • Issue and manage API IDs
      • Issue and manage Service API Consumer Keys
      • Issue and manage Server API Consumer Keys
      • Register and manage Server List
    • SSO type configuration
    • SAML Apps (Login with LINE WORKS ID)

      There are two types of single sign-on (SSO) settings: SSO and SAML Apps.

      • SSO is used to log in to LINE WORKS, which works as a service provider (SP), with account information of an external integrated authentication service and others.
      • SAML Apps is used to log in to other cloud services with account information of LINE WORKS, which works as an identity provider (IdP). SAML Apps provides the integrated login feature that is available for various cloud services. (See more)
    • Organization integration setting

    • API statistics
    • IP Telephony (IPT) integration setting
    • Bot creation and management


      You can use either the Developer Console's menus or the LINE WORKS Bot Platform APIs to create a message bot, but you need to use the APIs to send messages or implement interaction features.

    Who can use Developer Console

    The following users can use the Developer Console.

    • Admin
    • Sub Admins
    • Developers created as custom permissions
      • Custom permissions can be created by the Admin or Sub Admins in LINE WORKS Admin. Go to Help

    As developers using the APIs have the same member management permissions as the Admin, you must be very careful when granting permissions.


    When you first log in to the Developer Console, you must agree to the Terms. If you buy LINE WORKS through a partner, go to Admin > Partner and allow your partner to access the Developer Console, then your partner can access it instead of you.

    LINE WORKS Bot Platform APIs and Documents

    Using the LINE WORKS Bot Platform APIs, you can connect your system with LINE WORKS Bot Platform and configure helpful tools for your work. For how to use the LINE WORKS Bot Platform APIs, go to LINE WORKS Developers > Document which provides descriptions, user guides and sample code. The LINE WORKS Bot Platform APIs are subdivided into two types: Server API and Service API.


    • Server API: Sets domains and modifies personnel information of members. You should get an API ID, Server API Consumer Key, and Server Token or Server ID from the Developer Console to use the server API.
    • Service API: Accesses members' data (mail, calendar, and drive) with their access token. A member cannot access other members' data. You should get an API ID and Service API Consumer Key from the Developer Console to use the service API.

    The following LINE WORKS Bot Platform APIs are provided.

    • Organization Integration: You can synchronize personnel information of your members, including member information, level, position, and employment type, with LINE WORKS.
    • Mail: You can implement the Mail service features, such as sending/deleing messages, and displaying pop-up windows to write messages.
    • Message Bot: The Message Bot API enables you to directly send messages to individual users or to talk with them.


      Apply the message bot to your workflow using the LINE WORKS Message Bot API.

    • Contact: You can implement the Contact service features, including creating, getting and deleting private and public contacts.
    • Calendar: You can implement the Calendar service features, including creating, getting and deleting calendars and modifying schedules.
    • Board: You can create and delete articles in Board, and integrate your existing board services with Board.
    • Drive: You can implement the Drive service features, including copying, moving, deleting and modifying files and creating folders.
    • Admin: You can implement the Admin features, including setting the Admin Console's timezone and language, setting and getting SSO information, and IP access control.
    • IPT Integration: You can integrate LINE WORKS with your IP Telephony (IPT) solution which integrates traditional voice and data communications into one network. When an IP telephone number is registered in a member's information in LINE WORKS, you can simply click the number to call the member.
    • Audit: You can implement audit features such as downloading audit data.

    Available APIs by Product

    The following table shows available APIs by product.

    Free Lite Basic Premium
    SSO X
    Organization Integration X
    Mail X X
    Message Bot
    (Max: 10)

    (Max: 300)

    (Max: 300)

    (Max: 300)
    Contact X
    Calendar X
    (Except for Task APIs)
    Drive X X
    Board X
    Admin X
    IPT X
    Audit X