HTTP Status Code

    The Drive APIs use the following HTTP status codes.

    W3C - RFC2616

    Code Reason Description
    200 OK The request succeeded.
    201 Create The request succeeded and a new resource is created.
    202 Accepted The request has been accepted and under processing (Async).
    204 No Content The request succeeded but there was no entity-body to return.
    206 Partial Content The server has completed a partial GET request.
    400 Bad Request The request failed due to invalid URL parameters.
    401 Unauthorized Authorization failed.
    Invalid consumer key or authorization.
    403 Forbidden Permission failed.
    The consumer key or authorization was not the one issued by the partner.
    The customer was not the partner's customer.
    404 Not Found The resource not found.
    405 Method Not Allowed The HTTP method is not supported
    406 Not Acceptable Not acceptable
    409 Conflict The request conflicted with another request.
    Example) Duplicate error
    429 Too Many Request Too Many Requests
    500 Internal Server Error An error occurred in the API server.
    503 Service Unavailable The API server is not available.

    Body Format

    All responses are returned in JSON format.


    Refer to the description of each API.

    Example) /files/{resourceKey}
      "resourceSize" : 106937574,
      "resourceKey" : "MTQ1MDMwMDJ8MTYwOTAwMTg1Njh8RHww",
      "resourceLocation" : null,
      "resourceType" : "folder",
      "resourcePath" : "/123123123123/",
      "fileType" : "folder",
      "folderType" : "my",
      "createDate" : 1430188697000,
      "updateDate" : 1581385436000,
      "accessDate" : 1430188697000,
      "updateUser" : "14503002",
      "hasExif" : false,
      "hasThumbnail" : false,
      "uploaded" : true,
      "locked" : false,
      "virus" : "none",
      "memberShare" : null,
      "linkShare" : null,
      "group" : null,
      "protected" : false


    When the HTTP status code is not 2xx, the following properties are returned in JSON format.

    Key Data Type Description
    domain String Service module (drive)
    code String Error code
    message String Error message
        "domain" : "drive"
        "code" : "INVALID_PARAMETER",
        "message" : "Invalid Parameters"

    Common Error Codes

    HTTP Status code message Description
    400 INVALID_PARAMETER Invalid Parameters Parameter error
    400 RESOURCE_HAS_VIRUS Virus File Virus file
    400 BAD_REQUEST Not supported Request Invalid request
    400 BLOCKED_EXTENSION_FILE Blocked Extension File The type of file restricted from being uploaded or downloaded.
    400 LOCKED_FILE Locked File Resource locked.
    401 UNAUTHORIZED Authentication Fail Authentication error (login is required)
    403 READ_ONLY Read Only User Read-only user account
    403 NOT_SUPPORTED_DURING_STORAGE_MOVE Not Supported During Storage Move (Change of tenant IDC) Not supported during OWFS migration.
    403 AUTH_FAIL Auth Fail Shared folder or group folder permission error
    403 WRITE_PERMISSION_NEEDED Write Permission Needed Write permission is required.
    404 RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND ● Resource Not Exist
    ● Folder Not Exist
    ● File Not Exist
    ● Source Resource Not Exist
    ● Destination Resource Not Exist
    ● Exit Information Not Exist
    ● Share Folder or Permission Not Exist
    ● Group Folder Not Exist
    ● Version File Not Exist
    Resource not found.
    409 PERMISSION_ALREADY_EXIST Already Shared or Authorized Resource Already shared or authorized folder
    500 INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR ● Internal Server Error
    ● Resource Lock
    ● Resource Lock Failure
    Internal system error
    501 NOT_SUPPORTED_OPERATION ● Not Supported Operation
    ● Not Supported In Share/Group Folder
    The operation is not supported.
    503 SERVICE_MAINTENANCE Service Not Available Drive service is not available.
    598 LONG_RUNNING_TRANSACTION ● Your request is currently being processed. You can check again later to see the request has been This error code is returned when the amount of time the file operation API is processed is over 30 seconds. Even though the time to process the API exceeds 30 seconds, the API request is still likely to succeed.