This API will soon be deprecated. Please use another API.

    Get Schedules

    Gets the list of schedules of a specific user per day.


    • When there is no calendarId, it gets only a default calandar in V3 while all schedules in V2.


    • It returns a list containing ical, userId, calendarId and url in Model in V3, while returning an iCal String List in V2.

    API Type

    Service API

    Request URL{API ID}/calendar/getScheduleList/V3

    HTTP Method

    POST (Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8)


    Parameter Type Required Description
    calendarId String N Calendar ID.
    If this value is null, only a default calendar associated with the account is returned.
    rangeDateFrom String Y Start date (yyyyMMdd); it is included in the date range.
    rangeDateUntil String Y End date (yyyyMMdd); it is excluded from the date range.

    Request Example

        "calendarId": "2121",
        "rangeDateFrom": " 20150101",
        "rangeDateUntil": " 20150120" 


    It returns the value of the "returnValue" property which contains the results when the API call succeeds.

    Property Type Required Description
    result String Y API call success
    returnValue List Y The list including userId, calendarId, ical, and viewUrl.

    Response Example

        "result": "success",
        "returnValue": [
                         "ical":"ical String",
                         "viewUrl":"schedule Detail Url"
                        }, ...