This API will soon be deprecated. Please use another API.

    Get Calendars

    Gets the list of calendars associated with a logged-in user's account.

    API Type

    Service API

    Request URL{API ID}/calendar/rest/v1/users/me/calendarList

    HTTP Method

    GET (Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8)

    Query Parameters

    Parameter Type Required Description
    syncToken String N Gets only the calendars modified after syncToken (yyyyMMddHHmmss).
    showHidden boolean N Gets calendars including those not displayed on the local navigation bar (LNB).

    Request Example



    Property Type Required Description
    calendarMembers List Y List of members of the calendar.
         delegator Map N For users who are invited as "Manage events on behalf of master," this property has the information of the user who invited others.

    Map’s key: type, accountId
         member Map Y Invitee.

    Map’s key: type, accountId
         roleId int Y Calendar role of the invitee.
    Available values are as follows.

    1: Calendar master
    2: Manage calendars and schedules
    3: Manage schedules
    4: Inquire event details
    6: Manage events on behalf of master
    8: Show only the time of the event
         status String Y Indicates whether the invitee accepts, tentatively accepts or rejects the invitation.
    calendarUid String Y Calendar ID
    color String Y Calendar color
    ctag String Y Indicates whether the calendar is modified.
    It is represented as the time when the calendar is modified, in yyyyMMddHHmmss (TimeZone is represented in UTC).
    defaultReminderMedia List Y Media to receive default notifications.

    Enum's value: MAIL, POPUP
    dateTimeAlarm String N Default notification time when a default event is added.
    dateAlarm String Y Default notification time when an all-day event is added.
    isDefaultCalendar boolean Y Indicates whether it is the default calendar of the user.
    isDelegatedCalendar boolean Y Indicates whether there is a member who was invited as "Manage events on behalf of master."
    description String Y Calendar description
    displayName String Y Calendar name
    owner Map Y Calendar’s owner

    Map’s key: type, accountId
    isSharedCalendar boolean Y Indicates whether the calendar is shared by the owner.
    showContent boolean Y Indicates whether the calendar’s events are displayed in the web view.
    showOnList boolean Y Indicates whether the calendar is displayed on the LNB
    • The type under the delegator, member, and owner properties is the calendar’s member type.
    • The following types can be a member of a calendar.
    type Description
    INDIVIDUAL Individual user
    GROUP OrgUnit
    DOMAIN Domain
    TENANT Tenant

    Response Example

        "owner": {
          "accountId": "test1@mix-krlite001",
          "type": "INDIVIDUAL"
        "calendarUid": "5f18b8b6-abd7-415d-9474-189f215ef4a3",
        "displayName": "test 1",
        "ctag": "20190130072015",
        "color": "#FF9C71",
        "dateAlarm": "-PT12H",
        "dateTimeAlarm": "-PT10M",
        "defaultReminderMedia": [
        "showContent": true,
        "showOnList": true,
        "isDefaultCalendar": true,
        "isSharedCalendar": false,
        "isDelegatedCalendar": false,
        "calendarMembers": [
            "member": {
              "type": "TENANT"
            "roleId": 8,
            "status": "ACCEPT"
            "member": {
              "type": "DOMAIN"
            "roleId": 8,
            "status": "ACCEPT"
            "member": {
              "accountId": "test1@mix-krlite001",
              "type": "INDIVIDUAL"
            "roleId": 1,
            "status": "ACCEPT"