This API will soon be deprecated. Please use another API.

    Get a Calendar

    Gets a specific calendar associated with a logged-in user's account.

    API Type

    Service API

    Request URL{API ID}/calendar/getCalendar

    HTTP Method

    POST (Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8)


    Parameter Type Required Description
    calendarId String Y The calendar ID to be retrieved

    Request Example

    "calendarId": "1868022"


    It returns the value of the "returnValue" property which contains the results when the API call succeeds.

    Property Type Required Description
    result String Y API call success
    returnValue String Y Calendar information retrieved
         calendarId String Y Calendar ID
         name String Y Calendar name
         desc String Y Calendar description
         order Integer Y Sort by
         owner String Y Calendar owner's ID
        ownerName String Y Calendar owner's username
        isTeamGroupCalendar boolean Y Indicates whether it is a team group calendar.
         role String Y Calendar roles
    ● master: Master who can add/modify/remove/view events, manage participants, close, and transfer calendars. It corresponds to Calendar master in the Calendar service.
    ● staff: Manager who can add/modify/remove/view events and manage participants. It corresponds to Manage calendar and events in the Calendar service.
    ● member: Member who can add/modify/remove/view events. It corresponds to Manage events in the Calendar service.
    ● half_member: Associate member who can view events. It corresponds to Inquire event details in the Calendar service.
    ● subscriber: Subscriber who can view events. No calendar role is displayed for subscribers in the Calendar service.
    ● delegater: Delegator who has the same permissions as the Master. It corresponds to Manage events on behalf of master in the Calendar service.
    ● timelookup_only_delegater: Those who can only view whether an event exists at a specific time. It corresponds to Show only the time of the event in the Calendar service.

    Response Example

        "result": "success",
        "returnValue": {
            "calendarId": "1868022",
            "name": "Calendar name - modified",
            "desc": "Calendar description - modified",
            "order": 81000000,
            "owner": "calqa01",
            "ownerName": "calqa01",
            "isTeamGroupCalendar": false,
            "role": "master"