Get a Rich Menu Image

    Gets an image set in a rich menu.

    For how to download binary image data for a resource ID, refer to Download Content.

    API Type

    Server API

    Request URL{API ID}/message/v1/bot/{botNo}/richmenu/{richMenuId}/content

    HTTP Method

    GET(Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8)

    Path Parameters

    Parameter Required Description
    botNo Y Bot number for which you want to set an image of a rich menu.
    richMenuId Y Rich menu ID for which you want to set an image.

    Request Example



    It returns HTTP status 200 with a resource ID set for the rich menu and multilingual information as a response if successful.

    Parameter Type Description
    resourceId string Resource ID set for the rich menu
    i18nResourceIds[] array List of multilingual rich menu resources
    i18nResourceIds[].language string Language code
    ○ ko_KR ○ ja_JP ○ zh_CN ○ zh_TW ○ en_US
    i18nResourceIds[].resourceId string Resource ID for the multilingual rich menu

    Response Example

      "resourceId": "XAAAUD16j+TxtDcn/DIUuo",
      "i18nResourceIds": [{
        "language": "en_US",
        "resourceId": "XAAAUDAfqDdEhGzER19K"

    Error Code

    If the API call fails, it returns an error code and message.
    For error codes, refer to Message Bot REST API Error Codes.