Get Members of the Chat Room with a Bot

    Gets a list of members of the chat room which a bot belongs to.

    You can get members using accountIds, which returns up to 100 elements.
    If the number of members is large, use the page parameter based on totalPage to get the members of another page.

    API Type

    Server API

    Request URL{API ID}/message/v1/bot/{botNo}/room/{roomId}/accounts

    HTTP Method


    Path Parameters

    Parameter Required Description
    botNo Y Message bot number to get a chat room for
    roomId Y Room ID to get a chat room for

    Query Parameters

    Parameter Required Description
    page N Page number. If you cannot get all members at once, specify this parameter to get an additional list containing the members that belong to the chat room.

    Request Example




    It returns HTTP status 200 with members and total number of pages as a response if successful.

    Property Type Description
    accountIds array Array that contains members of the chat room.
    totalPage number Total number of pages

    Response Example

      "accountIds": ["", ""]

    Error Code

    If the API call fails, it returns an error code and message.
    For error codes, refer to Message Bot REST API Error Codes.