This API will soon be deprecated. Please use another API.

    Update a Message Bot Domain

    Updates a specified message bot domain.
    You can update a domain only after it is registered using the registerBotDomain API.

    A message bot can be public or private in the domain.
    A public message bot is shown on the client's bot list from which users can invite the bot to their chats.

    With the usePermission parameter, you can choose to allow "only specified members" to use the bot.

    API Type

    Server API

    Request URL{API ID}/message/updateBotDomain/v2

    HTTP Method

    POST(Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8)


    Parameter Type Required Description
    botNo number Y Message bot number used to update a domain
    domainId number Y Message bot's domain to change
    usePublic boolean N Indicates whether to show the bot on the client's organization chart.
    ● false: Private (default)
    ● true: Public
    usePermission boolean N Indicates whether to allow only specified members to use the bot.
    ● false: All (default)
    ● true: Specified members only

    Request Example

      "botNo": 123,
      "domainId": 12345,
      "usePublic": true,
      "usePermission": false


    It returns code 200 when the API call is successful.

    {"code": 200, "message": "OK"}