Get Message Bot Information

    Gets detailed information of a message bot.

    API Type

    Server API

    Request URL{API ID}/message/getBotInfo/v4

    HTTP Method

    POST(Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8)


    Parameter Type Required Description
    botNo number Y Message bot number for which you want to get detailed information.

    Request Example

        "botNo": 123


    It returns the detailed message bot information when the API call is successful.

    Property Type Description
    code number ● 200: Success
    ● 400xx: Client request errors
    ● 500xx: Unexpected errors and server internal errors
    message string Description about the code
    name string Message bot name
    i18nNames[] array Multilingual names
    i18nNames[].language string Language code
    i18nNames[].name string Name in the language
    photoUrl string URL of the message bot profile image
    i18nPhotoUrls[] array URLs of multilingual images
    i18nPhotoUrls[].language string Language code
    i18nPhotoUrls[].photoUrl string URL of an image in the language
    description string Description of the message bot
    i18nDescriptions[] array Multilingual descriptions of the message bot
    i18nDescriptions[].language string Language code
    i18nDescriptions[].description string Description of the message bot
    Max: 100 characters
    callbackUrl string URL of the client's message receiving server
    callbackEventList array<string> Event type to receive. More event types will be added later.
    ● "text": Plain text
    ● "location": User location
    ● "sticker": Sticker
    ● "image": Image
    tenantId number Tenant ID
    createdTime number The date and time when the message bot is created. It is shown in Unix time, and the unit is milliseconds.
    modifiedTime number The date and time when the message bot is updated. It is shown in Unix time, and the unit is milliseconds.
    managerList array<string> Primary contacts of the message bot
    submanagerList array<string> Secondary contacts of the message bot
    domainInfoList array<object> List of registered domain IDs
    domainInfoList[].domainId number Registered domain ID
    domainInfoList[].usePublic boolean Indicates whether to show the bot on the client's organization chart.
    ● false: Private
    ● true: Public
    domainInfoList[].usePermission boolean Indicates whether to allow only specified members to use the bot.
    ● false: All
    ● true: Specified members only
    useGroupJoin boolean Chat type
    ● false: 1:1 chat only (default)
    ● true: Invitation to team/group or 1:N chat room available
    useDomainScope boolean The scope of domains for the bot.
    ● false: All domains (default)
    ● true: Custom domains
    domainIdList array<number> List of domains if useDomainScope is "true." It is not returned if useDomainScope is "false."

    Response Example

      "code": 200,
      "message": "OK",
      "name": "echo bot",
      "photoUrl": "",
      "description": "WorksMobile's A.I. conversation enabled bot",
      "callbackUrl": "https://xxx",
      "callbackEventList": ["text", "location", "sticker", "image"],
      "tenantId": 123123,
      "createdTime": 1464693120000,
      "modifiedTime": 1464694324000,
      "managerList": ["", ""],
      "submanagerList": [""],
      "domainInfoList": [{
        "domainId": 123,
        "usePublic": true,
        "usePermission": false
        "domainId": 456,
        "usePublic": true,
        "usePermission": true
      "useGroupJoin": true,
      "useDomainScope": false