This API will soon be deprecated. Please use another API.

    Get Signatures

    Gets email signatures.

    API Type

    Service API

    Request URL{API ID}/mail/getSign

    HTTP Method

    GET/POST(Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8)



    Request Example{API ID}/mail/getSign


    It returns the value of the "data" property which contains the results when the API call succeeds.

    Property Type Required Description
    signList List Y List of signatures
    defaultSign String Y A signature number used to write a new message.
    useDefaultSign Boolean Y Indicates whether to use a signature in a new message.
    useDefaultSignForRefw Boolean Y Indicates whether to use a signature for replies or forwards.
    defaultSignForRefw String Y A signature number used for replies or forward
    signInfoList List Y Signature information lis
    keyNum String N A signature number
    contents String N Signature content
    name String N Signature title

    Response Example

     "message": "success",
        "data": {
            "signList": [
                    "defaultSign": "1",
                    "useDefaultSign": "true",
                    "useDefaultSignForRefw": "false",
                    "defaultSignForRefw": "0",
                    "signInfoList": [
                            "keyNum": "1",
                            "contents": "<html><body>Sign</body></html>",
                            "name": "Sign"
                            "keyNum": "2",
                            "contents": "<html><body>Sign 1</body></html>",
                            "name": "Sign 1"
        "code": "000"}

    It returns an error code and message when the API call fails (refer to Response Common).

    Error Code Error Message Description
    999 SYSTEM_ERROR Internal error