This API will soon be deprecated. Please use another API.

    Migrate Messages

    Saves messages into a single .eml file and stores it in a user's folder. You should call the "Start Mail Migration" API (startSaveEml) before using this API.

    API Type

    Server API

    Request URL{API ID}/mail/saveEml

    HTTP Method

    POST(Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="$boundary”; charset=UTF-8)


    Parameter Type Required Description
    targetMemberEmail String Y The email address of a user whose email messages are to be stored as an EML file.
    file MultipartFile Y An EML file to be attached
    folderSN Integer Y The folder where an EML file is stored.
    It is stored in Inbox as default (value: 0).
    isRead Boolean N Indicates whether the message containing an EML file is read or not read.
    ● true: Read (default)
    ● false: Unread

    Request Example{API ID}/mail/saveEml


    It indicates whether the request was successful or not, and returns the "data" value having an empty string.

    Property Type Required Description
    message String Y Indicates whether successful or not.
    ● Success: "success"
    ● Failure: Error code
    code String Y Code that indicates whether successful or not.
    ● Success: "000"
    ● Failure: Any integer excluding "000"
    data integer N Serial number of the message containing an EML file.

    Response Example


    It returns an error code and message when the API call fails (refer to Response Common).

    Error Code Error Message Description
    500 Migration count exceeded The number of migrations by tenantId exceeded.
    600 Do not call startSaveEml API The startSaveEml API was not called.
    999 Unknown error Internal error