Organization Integration REST API Error Codes

    Authentication Failure

    Refer to How to Make API Calls > Response Common in API common guide.

    Property Type Required Description
    errorCode String Y Error code
    Returns 024 when authentication fails
    errorMessage String Y Error description
        "errorMessage":"Authentication failed"

    Error Code

    It returns an error code and message in JSON format, if authentication was successful but the API call failed.

    Property Type Required Description
    code String Y Error code
    message String Y Error message
    HTTP status code Error code Description
    400 INVALID_PARAMETER Parameter error
    400 BAD_REQUEST Invalid request
    403 LIMIT_EXCEEDED Maximum limit exceeded
    403 FORBIDDEN Request not allowed
    404 NOT_FOUND Resource not found
    409 CONFLICT Duplicate error
    500 INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR Internal server error
    Error Code Example
        "code": "CONFLICT",
        "message": "duplicate externalKey",
        "domain": "contact"