Enable Employment Types

    Sets whether or not to enable employment types in a domain. You should set the useEmploymentType parameter to "true" if you want to add employment types.
    If you disable employment types that have been enabled before, all the employment types previously added and used for members will be deleted.

    API Type

    Server API

    Request URL

    • Live environment: https://apis.worksmobile.com/r/{API ID}/organization/v2/domains/{domainId}/employtypes/use
    • Testing environment: https://sandbox-apis.worksmobile.com/r/{API ID}/organization/v2/domains/{domainId}/employtypes/use

    HTTP Method

    PUT (Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8)

    Path Parameters

    Parameter Type Length Required Description
    domainId Integer Y Domain ID

    Request Body

    Parameter Type Required Description
    useEmploymentType Boolean Y Indicates whether to enable employment types.
    ● true: Enable
    ● false: Disable

    Request Example

    PUT https://apis.worksmobile.com/r/apiid/organization/v2/domains/123/employtypes/use
        "useEmploymentType" : true


    It returns HTTP status 200 with no response when the API call is successful.

    Error Code

    It returns an error code and message when the API call fails.
    Refer to Organization Integration REST API Error Codes for details.