Server API Categories

    This section describes catetories of the Server API by permissions.

    Type of Permissions

    Server API permission scopes are defined by API actions, which include Create, Read, Update and Delete.

    You can specify your consumer key’s permission scopes, according to the categories and actions of the API.
    For example, if you select the “Create Message Bot” permission when you get a consumer key, you can call the following APIs with the consumer key: Register a Message Bot, Register a Message Bot Domain, Create a Chatroom with a Bot, and Send Messages.

    Server API Categories by Permissions

    Permission Server API
    Create Admin Add IP Access Control List
    Read Admin Get SSO Information (OAuth)
    Get IP Access Control List
    Check If LINE WORKS APP Is Installed
    Update Admin Set SSO Information (OAuth)
    Set IP Access Control Off
    Delete Admin Remove IP Access Control List
    Create Email Add Folders
    Start Email Migration
    Migrate Messages
    End Email Migration
    Migrate Messages Using POP3
    Read Email None
    Update Email None
    Delete Email Delete Messages of a Specified Period
    Delete Messages of a Specified Period by Search
    Create Contact Add Private Contacts during Migration
    Add Customer/Client Contacts
    Upload Photos for Customer/Client Contacts
    Add Customer/Client Tags
    Connect a Member Account with LINE or NAVER WORKS
    Connect All Member Accounts with LINE or NAVER WORKS
    Read Contact Get Private Contact Details during Migration
    Get Private Contacts during Migration
    Get Migrated Data for a Private Contact's privateContactNo
    Get Migrated Data for a Private Contact's worksAtContactNo
    Get a Customer/Client Contact
    Get Customer/Client Contacts
    Get a Customer/Client Tag
    Get Customer/Client Tags
    Get Account Information
    Update Contact Update Private Contacts during Migration
    Update Customer/Client Contacts
    Update a Customer/Client Tag Name
    Delete Contact Delete Private Contacts during Migration
    Delete Customer/Client Contacts
    Delete a Customer/Client Tag
    Create Message Bot Register a Message Bot
    Register a Message Bot Domain
    Create a Chatroom with a Bot
    Send Messages
    Create Message Bot Register a Message Bot
    Register a Message Bot Domain
    Create a Chatroom with a Bot
    Send Messages
    Read Message Bot Get PersistentMenu
    Get Members with Bot Permissions
    Get Message Bots
    Get Message Bot Information
    Get Members of the Chatroom with a Bot
    Upload Content
    Download Content
    Update Message Bot Update a Message Bot
    Add a PersistentMenu
    Update a Message Bot Domain
    Add Members with Bot Permissions
    Add a Message Callback
    Bot Leaves the Chatroom
    Delete Message Bot Delete Message Bot
    Delete a Message Bot Domain
    Create Organization Integration Add Positions
    Add Levels
    Add Employment Types
    Add Organizations
    Add Organization Sub Email Addresses
    Add Members
    Upload a Profile Image
    Add Sub Emails
    Resend Invitations
    Resend Invitations to All Members
    Create Group
    Add Group Sub Emails
    Add Custom Field Schemas
    Read Organization Integration Get Positions
    Get List of Positions
    Get Levels
    Get List of Levels
    Get Employment Types
    Get List of Employment Types
    Get Organizations
    Get Organization Sub Email Addresses
    Get Members
    Get Group
    Get Group Sub Emails
    Get a Custom Field Schema
    Get All Custom Field Schemas
    Update Organization Integration Set Positions
    Edit Positions
    Set Levels
    Edit Levels
    Set Employment Types
    Edit Employment Types
    Edit Organizations
    Move Organizations
    Edit Members
    Partially Edit Members
    Set Related Contacts
    Edit Member Email Addresses
    Relocate Members
    Set Language/Timezone
    Set Absence
    Suspend Members
    Edit Group
    Partially Edit Group
    Update Custom Field Schemas
    Delete Organization Integration Delete Positions
    Delete Levels
    Delete Employment Types
    Delete Organizations
    Delete Organization Sub Email Addresses
    Delete a Member
    Undelete a Member
    Delete a Member Immediately
    Delete Sub Email Addresses
    Unsuspend Members
    Delete Group
    Delete Group Sub Emails
    Delete Custom Field Schemas
    Create Home Create Articles
    Create Boards
    Create Comments
    Read Home Get Boards
    Update Home None
    Delete Home Delete Articles
    Delete Comments
    Create Audit None
    Read Audit Download Audit Data Files
    Update Audit None
    Delete Audit None
    Create Calendar Create Calendars
    Create Events
    Read Calendar None
    Update Calendar Modify Events
    Delete Calendar Delete Calendars
    Delete Events