Service API Categories

    This section describes catetories of the Service API by permissions.

    Type of Permissions

    Service API permission scopes are defined by API actions, which include Create, Read, Update and Delete.

    You can specify your consumer key’s permission scopes, according to the categories and actions of the API.
    For example, if you select the “Create Calendar” permission when you get a consumer key, you can call the following APIs with the consumer key: Create Calendars, Create Schedules, and Create Tasks.

    Service API Categories by Permissions

    Permission Service API
    Create Admin None
    Read Admin None
    Update Admin Set Timezone/Language
    Delete Admin None
    Create Calendar Create Calendars
    Create Schedules
    Create Tasks
    Read Calendar Get a Calendar
    Get Calendars
    Get the ID of a Default Calendar
    Get Sharing
    Get Schedules
    Get Schedules of Others
    Get Details for a Schedule
    Get the Number of Schedules for Today
    Get FREE or BUSY Information
    Get Tasks
    Get Task Calendars
    Update Calendar Modify Calendars
    Edit Sharing
    Update Calendar Owners
    Modify Schedules
    Modify Tasks
    Delete Calendar Remove Calendars
    Remove Schedules
    Remove Tasks
    Create Drive Copy Files
    Create a Folder
    Restore the Previous File
    Restore Files from Trash
    Create Group Folder Permissions
    Upload Files
    Read Drive Get User Information
    Get Quota
    Get File Property
    Get Files
    Get File Versions
    Get Trash Information
    Get Files in Trash
    Get Group Folders
    Get Group Folder Information
    Get Files in Group Folder
    Get Group Folder Permissions
    Get Shared Folders and Files
    Check Folder/URL Sharing
    Get Recent Shared Members
    Get Sharing Information
    Get Shared Folders
    Get Members of a Shared Folder
    Check Upload Status
    Download Files
    Update Drive Modify File Property
    Move Files
    Rename a File
    Modify Trash Information
    Modify Group Folder Permissions
    Modify Sharing Information
    Delete Drive Delete Files
    Delete Files from Trash
    Delete Group Folder Permissions
    Leave a Shared Folder
    Create Email Send Messages
    Add Folders
    Add Signatures
    Add Filters
    Read Email Read Messages
    Get Folders
    Get Messages from the Specified Folder
    Get the Number of Unread Messages
    Get Folder Name
    Download Attachments
    Get Signatures
    Get Filters
    Update Email Mark Messages as Read/Unread
    Mark Messages as Important
    Change Folder Name
    Delete Email Delete Messages
    Delete Folders
    Delete Signatures
    Delete Filters